The Deposit Certificate

When you’re renting, it's a legal requirement that your landlord registers your deposit with a Deposit Protection Scheme.

You may have received a copy of your Deposit Certificate from your letting agent or landlord when you first moved into your current property. Sometimes this isn’t the case though, which is why we’d like to give you a hand in obtaining the certificate.

If you don’t know where your certificate is, or you’re not sure if it was ever sent to you, this guide should help you find it!

Where can I find this certificate?

There are a few things to check first:

  • Was the Deposit Certificate ever sent to you by your landlord or letting agent? It may be hidden in your tenancy paperwork.

  • Was the certificate sent over to you via email? It may have ended up in the Spam/Junk folder in your inbox.

What if I don’t have access to my certificate?

If you don’t have your Deposit Certificate, there’s a few different things you can do to obtain the document.

As a first step, we recommend you get in touch with your landlord or your letting agent, depending on who sent over your tenancy paperwork.

You can get in touch with them in your preferred way or how you’ve communicated with each other previously when you were getting ready to move into your current property. Once you have your deposit certificate, upload it to your Fronted account to continue your application.

How to obtain your Deposit Certificate

If you remember the date on which you moved into your current property and the deposit amount, you can look up your deposit on your Deposit Scheme’s website.

If you live with housemates, you’ll need to enter the full deposit amount rather than the amount you each individually contributed to the deposit.

You’ll need to double check which scheme your deposit is protected in first. If you’re not sure which deposit scheme you’re registered with, you can ask your landlord/Estate Agent.

The different Deposit Schemes for the UK and Wales are:

Not every scheme gives you the ability to download your certificate online, so in these instances you will need to get in touch with your landlord/letting agent and get them to send it over.

Any questions?

If you do have any further questions, you can chat to us via the ‘Contact Us’ option in the menu bar, send us an email to: [email protected] or give us a ring on 0203 870 2830.

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