To complete your application, we need to verify your old deposit. Enter your postcode, last name, the full deposit amount your household paid, and the move-in date. We’ll also ask you for your specific contribution. This information is usually enough for us to confirm your deposit automatically. If not, we’ll also ask you to upload your deposit certificate or tenancy agreement.

The fastest way to find your deposit information is by searching your email inbox for messages from one of the three deposit schemes.

Search for emails from the deposit schemes

Go to your email and search for either DPS, TDS or MyDeposit - that should return a result if you’ve paid a deposit in the past. Look for emails sent around the time you moved in, and you should find all the information we need.

Search for your deposit certificate

You might also have a deposit certificate sent to you from your landlord. Again, you can search your inbox for this by searching deposit certificate. Your landlord or agent might have been super organised, printed it out, and sent it to you.

Can’t find anything in your emails? Ask your landlord or agent

You can also ask your landlord or agent for this information if all else fails. They will have it because it’s their responsibility to protect the deposit in a protection scheme within 30 days of you paying it.

The different Deposit Schemes for the UK and Wales are:

Any questions?

If you do have any further questions, you can chat to us via the ‘Help’ option in the menu bar, send us an email to: [email protected] or give us a ring on 0203 870 2830.

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