Have you been trying to connect your bank account to your application but ran into some trouble? Don't worry, there are a few steps we can go through to try and fix the issue.

Let’s run through the checklist first:

Applying from your phone 📱

  • Did you update your banking app to the latest version?

  • Is your phone’s operating system (iOS/Android) up to date?

  • Have you tried clearing the cache for your phone’s web browser?

  • Do you have a strong enough internet connection?

  • Have you authorised for the connection to be made on your bank’s app?

Applying from your desktop 🖥️

  • Are you signed into the right account? Please make sure you’re signed into your Personal Account

  • Have you tried clearing your web browser’s cache?

  • Is your bank currently experiencing any connection issues?

  • Have you authorised for the connection to be made?

If the issue persists after you’ve double checked you’ve done all of this and you’re signed into the right bank account, there’s some troubleshooting steps we can go through:

Could you try switching from your desktop to your phone or vice versa, depending on how you’ve attempted to sign up so far?

Switching to desktop would mean that you connect by logging into your online banking on your desktop and follow the steps from there.

If you’ve tried following all of these steps and you still aren’t able to connect, please get in touch with us so we can work with our Open Banking provider to get the issue fixed.

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