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What is a Fronted Deposit?
What is a Fronted Deposit?
Everything you need to know about the Fronted Deposit and if it is the right choice for you.
Written by Lucy Bott
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Why should I use a Fronted Deposit?

60% of all renters don’t have access to savings and many more don’t want to dip into their savings to pay a deposit and move. It is why we created the Fronted Deposit, as a way for renters to spread the cost of a deposit over 12 months.

The Fronted Deposit is:

  • Treated the same as a normal deposit meaning your estate agent should register your deposit in a protected scheme and the deposit should be returned in full when you move out

  • Works for any assured short term tenancy property leased by a registered estate agent with a deposit range of between £500 to £4,800

  • An easy way for renters to bridge between deposits at 19.50% APR*

  • Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

*Representative example: Amount of credit: £1,000. Term: 12 months. Repayments: 12 monthly payments of £92.40. Total amount payable: £1,108.74. Representative APR 19.5%. No fees.

How does the Fronted Deposit work?

After you’ve been approved for a Fronted Deposit, we pay your deposit straight to your estate agent. You pay us back monthly across 12 instalments plus interest.

If you have a property in mind

Fronted works for people who have found a property and for people who are still looking.

If you have found a property and want Fronted to help you with the rental deposit, apply using the link above.

If you’re still looking

You can still apply even if you haven’t found your dream home yet. You only need to know your move date, the area you are moving to, and your estimated deposit for us to assess your affordability and give you a quote.

If you are approved for a Fronted Deposit, your approval will last for 45 days. This means you can keep looking for your new property, but if you are still property hunting after 45 days you will need to reapply.

You will also need to reapply If there are changes to your circumstances and the information that you submitted.

What happens when my Fronted Deposit is approved?

When you get approved for a Fronted Deposit, you'll have 14 days to review the details, confirm your Fronted Deposit, then we'll send the money straight to your estate agent.

Once the money is sent, your estate agent should put the funds into a registered deposit protection scheme within 30 days. Your 12 repayments will usually start one month after we send the money, with the repayment collected from your bank account via direct debit.

When you pay off the Fronted Deposit; the money in the scheme becomes yours when you move out 🎉

See if you’re eligible for a Fronted Deposit and get a quote here.

How we make money

We think it is right that you know how we make money. A Fronted Deposit works like a loan, and we earn interest on the money we lend you. Because the money sits in a deposit protection scheme while you rent, we think it shouldn’t cost a lot to borrow it from us. It’s why we believe the Fronted Deposit is an affordable deposit alternative for renters.

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