Why are applications rejected?

You may have been declined for a number of reasons, however, the three main reasons we have to say no to customers is because:

  1. Income is changing too much

  2. Monthly spending is too high

  3. Previous credit issues including defaults

What information did you use?

We assessed your affordability using a combination of Open Banking and Credit Reference Agency (CRA) data.

Has this lowered my credit score?

No. We only use ‘soft’ credit check information to make sure there’s no impact on you.

How can I check my credit history?

You can see if your information is up to date and correct by visiting Equifax Ltd’s website by this link. Alternatively, you can call their Customer Service team on: 0800 014 2955

Can I reapply?

If you’ve been declined, we can’t accept a new application for 6 months. Once this period has passed, you can make a new application by visiting the website.

I need further support

If you're facing financial or housing difficulties, please click here.

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